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Should I keep a Nuc during swarm season?


Hi there, I’m located in Melbourne, Australia its now Spring. I just wanted to know if I should keep a Nuc box available during this swarm season. I got my hive in February and they lasted through the winter. The box looks pretty full of bees so I just put the Flow Hive (super) on top. Just wondering what people think about keeping a nuc box in case they swarm.


Great idea. Also, if you need to do a split to prevent a swarm, because they are building up so fast, you have a new home available for the split. :blush:


Will a cardboard box do, or should I buy a wooden nuc box?


Hi, One thing we have learnt from this forum is to be ready. We have a 5 frame nuc box and a home made swarm box.
Its a black 40litre plastic box from Bunnings that has a plywood lid with a small entrance (Closable) and two frames inside. A hook on the back so I can quickly tie a rope to it and secure in a tree.Its painted white on the outside to keep cool and left black on the inside to keep dark. Nice and light weight to throw anywhere in a hurry.
I did it this way so that if the swarm was caught could leave them in the same box until I had time to permanently house them.


Wow that’s really smart and crafty. Great ideas.


I would buy a wood nucleus box - they are only about $30 or so. You will need a floor and a roof. If you are really not sure about whether you want to do it, you could use a broccoli box at a pinch. Some are the right size, and with a little planning, they can be modified to take Langstroth brood frames. However, they are not durable, just OK for a week or so. :blush:


I tried to catch a swarm last year in a broccoli box. By the time I got to the shop to buy a proper nuc box they had absconded. Buy a nuc box and bee prepared!


You can also buy another brood box so that you have somewhere for the bees to live after they swarm.