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How to clean dried tung oil off of observation window?


How to clean dried tung oil off of observation window?


This might be difficult. Tung oil polymerizes on contact with oxygen, forming a hard layer. Many things that could remove it, will likely damage the plastic window too. Most people recommend sanding to remove Tung Oil from wood, you can’t do that with a window! I had a brush which I used with Tung Oil, and I obviously didn’t clean it properly, because it stiffened about one month later. I soaked it in Citrus Solvent for 4 days, and eventually the hardened Tung Oil softened enough for me to work it off the brush.

You could spot test the window with some citrus solvent. If it doesn’t damage the plastic, you try soaking it for a few days, then rubbing with a very soft cloth.

Otherwise, I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe @beethinking has some experience with this?


@Teresa_Young Either leave the window out and place it after oiling or leave the protective covers on and remove when you finish oiling


Of course this is the best idea, but how do you solve it if you didn’t realize? :blush:


I didn’t put it inside the window sills :wink:


Try soaking it in food grade mineral oil for a couple of days. If that doesn’t work then paint thinner will remove it but try a small area first failing that replace with your own bit of plastic


if you are going to do that Eucalyptus oil works well


The observation window is very likely made from acrylic sheet and could be replaced for as little as $10. If you have a glazier nearby, they might be able to cut you a piece to the exact size.


That’s why I said replace it. You might as well get a few bits cut as I’m sure the bees will propolise your view over time and you would have to put a new one in anyway.


If you ever found it useful in the first place… :smiling_imp:


Your idea of replacement seem best to me if the problem already exists ! We have many suppliers of glass n poly herc so that’s what I’d be inclined to do ! Gerald


GooGone - purchased at
Home Depot took the dried tung oil off my observation window.


A few months ago I bought three cut pieces of 3mm acrylic from the local glass merchants in Mullumbimby. Total cost was $20 including rounding the corners. The pieces were sized to make windows for flow frame boxes.