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Tung Oil Finish

I gave the cedar brood boxes 3 coats of Tung Oil last year. Then let them air out before installing bees. The hive is set up with some shade behind the hive and getting early morning sun at the entrance. Now, this year, the finish on the hive has almost completely worn off. How do I refinish with Tung oil again. If I swap out the hive bodies for new, will this disturb the pheromones of the existing colony? All recommendations will be appreciated. (Locations West Tennessee, USA)

If it were me (bear in mind I have’t seen it), I’d simply paint on some fresh pure tung oil neat. I’d let it dry for a week or so and do it again.

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They would be fine if you put them in new boxes. To reduce the work though, I just suit up, put on some nitrile gloves, 000 wire wool the box in place, and paint on another coat of Tung Oil. You can’t do the landing board, but you can do all of the rest of the hive.

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I think the saying with tung oil is/was, “once a week for a month…once a month for a year…and once a year for the rest of your life”.