How to control wax moth

Can anyone recommend how best to deal with wax moth on frames not in use. I was told about a chemical that comes in a tablet form but I can’t remember what it’s called. Thanks

Hi @Hallamt99 - I wonder if the tablets you’re talking about are made of camphor? I guess something like that would be helpful, if residue & scent doesnt bother bees. I freeze all my extra frames, even if they only have a little wax on them, and then if I can’t keep them in there because I need the space I put them in sealed plastic trash bags and store them in my shed. The initial freezing kills any eggs & after that the plastic keeps just about any critter out. Plus I don’t think the moths are out and about here in winter, too cold unless they’re inside a living hive.

Maybe not but their babies are about. :wink: And not winter here.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BT bacillus thuringus is often mentioned, not sure it’s available here in Oz though.
Freezing and wrapping as Eva has mentioned seems most effective.
Unless you have no freezer space of course…

I think you mean this stuff (dichlorobenzene):

It is not available in California, so I can’t use it. As Australia seems fairly chemical-conscious, you may not be able to get it either, but at least you know what to ask for.

I do what Eva describes (freezer for 48 hours), except I store the frames in hive boxes with a double layer of burlap (hessian) closing them up to prevent wax moths from finding them again. The burlap allows some air circulation, which helps discourage mold.

I freeze a frame for 48 hours before wrapping it on cling wrap as a matter of course. Even one frame at a time if you are short on freezer space.
If your hive is strong you shouldn’t need chemicals, just the squish method for the odd one you find as you do with SHB… The bees do a fairly good job controlling them.
I’ll have to Google Geham :thinking:

From your place turn right at Esk

Thanks Ken, found it with a Google that it is out Towoomba way, and via Esk is spot on for a short cut.

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I freeze frames for a day then store outdoor in closed up bee boxes with moth crystals. A few spoons on paper between each box Different chemical then moth balls.