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How to feed your bees with an AXE

The other day I confused some people when I said I feed my bees with an axe.

The axe is one of the most flexible tools. If you are only allowed to choose one tool choose an axe.

So so many uses including feeding bees.



Interesting. I wonder if a similar outcome is experienced with Eucalypts…

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I have never observed this with eucalyptus trees. A lot of Eucalyps do exude sap from wounds, which turns to a gum. The Marri “bleeds” profusely, in wounds a bright red sap which in turn solidifies into crystals.

Some of the wattles have a very sweet gum which could be attractive to bees but have never seen them feed on it. As children we would climb the wattle tree and eat the gum nodules just like sweets.

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Interesting. Getting a bit of sugar from the tree sap rather than from flowers I guess. Wonder how the honey tastes? :bee:

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