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How to purchase this product to Indonesia


Hi my name is Widi from Indonesia
I wanna buy this flow hive classic but I don’t know how to shipping this product to indonesia, because there are no option on the shipping destination option. may be honey flow team can help me to find out the solution.
I wanna ask to people in this forum especially from indonesia who had purchase this product how prospect this product to be success in indonesia.
sorry my bad english.

please contact me


Widi, no problem about your English. I can not tell you about this product use in your area personally. But do you know any Beekeepers locally. The tropics n semi-tropics seem to do very well with this product. Actuall Flow-hive is only a standard 8 frame Langstroth hive with a unique honey super for extraction. This saves you the expensive price of a normal spinning extractor.

Watch several or more of Flows video n teaching videos. That should help you understand the product. If you can find a local beekeeper that should help understanding local nectar flows n need.

. I live near the city of Seattle in U.S. We are currently in the winter period n our bees are clustered to survive very cold days of cold weather.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,


The only way to buy the genuine product is through the Flow web site, as far as I know. It looks like they do not ship to Indonesia at this time, but perhaps @Faroe, who works for Flow, can clarify for you… :wink:


Hi Widi,

Currently FlowHive does not ship to Indonesia.
This is the list of countries they do ship to;

Hong Kong
Korea, Republic Of (south K.)
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Philippines, The
Russian Federation, The
United Arab Emirates
United States Of America

If you can arrange to have someone in one of these location receive the shipment and forward it to you you could order one, but other than that, no you can not order a hive for shipment to Indonesia. So sorry.



Hi Widi, unfortunately we had some issues shipping to certain countries, so we had to take them off our automatic shipping option while we work on all the issues.
For Indonesia and any country that is not showing on our shipping table, you can email customer support with the product/s you would like to order and your shipping address and we should be able to provide a personalised shipping quote for you.
Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully we will have a lot more countries back on our automatic shipping option soon :slight_smile:

un-shippable countries from international website -

shippable countries from international website - https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/shipping/p/25