How to reset Flow after colony dies

My bees die during winter and now I have a flow that is half grown and with wax everywhere.
What do I need to do to prepare the flow hive for my spring new colony if bees?

Might need a few more details and some pictures.

But if it is just wax and honey no pests or slime or decay and the colony death wasn’t anything “unusual” then you can reuse them.

Recycling old frames

If you’re talking about flow frames - in your climate I do think anyone would recommend leaving the frames on over winter. Not sure what their state is, but they may need cleaning, light or deep…

Cleaning flow frames

Welcome to the forum Juan.

Have you been able to identify reason for losing the colony? This is really important so you can manage the hive accordingly (such as according to any pest or disease management steps that may be necessary) and learn for next season.

Photos would be very handy for us to be able to better help you.