How to safely deterrent bees?

I know it’s a odd topic on a bee forums - but I am in need of help. Sorry if it’s been brought up before - but I have had a bit of a look without much luck, and I am running short on time.

I have recently sold my house and I was told the new owners, who are from Hong Kong, do not like the wild bees that come to the pond/feeders I have. I am meeting them tomorrow, for the first time, for the final inspection. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas I could tell them to naturally, and safely deter the bees away from the pond? I know it’s out of my hands as to what they do when I am gone - but I don’t like the idea of not trying, and them poisoning the bees (which the real estate stupidly said to them).


Sadly there is nothing you can do with a wild colony of bees to prevent them going to the pond. If the new home owners don’t appreciate nature as it is then that is not your problem. You might explain that the bees if they are native bees can’t sting them but I suspect they are not interested enough to listen.

Thanks for reaching out @Aly I’m sure the beekeepers in the area would appreciate it.
It’s sort of like moving into the bush for a better life them clearing all the bush because it’s too bushy. :woozy_face: Unfortunately I’ve seen it happen around here, ‘stoopid trees kept dropping leaves so I got them chopped down and planted lawn.’ :flushed:
Education, they’re probably not used to bees. Bees getting a drink aren’t going to attack as they’re not protecting the water source, just drinking. Harmless.
Removing the water from the pond would work, or telling them that it’s not the bees they should be worrying about more so the spiders and snakes. And drop bears. :blush:
Thing is, this is Australia, tell ‘em to harden up and get used to it. Any poison used in or around the pond to eliminate the bees will likely also kill all the fauna also relying on the pond like spiders, frogs and birds, insect predators.
Hopefully you can plant some seeds during the inspection. :wink:
Good luck.


Thanks for you input guys. I did have a talk with him and tried to educate him the best I could. There was a slight language barrier - but I think he at least saw that standing near them that they aren’t instantly aggressive. :crossed_fingers:

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