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Hurricane Dorian

With hurricane Dorian at the door step I’m getting a little bit worried that my bees wont make it, although that may be the least of my worries if this monster hits directly into WPB, FL


Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! :hushed:

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It is huge and going to be so destructive. Lots of media coverage in Australia and thinking of you all, stay safe.

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Stay safe and hope all goes well.

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Thinking of all of you in our prayers that everyone will be safe.

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Hi Donald,
What a frightening time for those in your neck of the woods. Thinking of you all and hoping yourself, your family and your bees stay safe and that Dorian passes you by without causing too much damage.

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Well looks like were in da clear here but tis still hurricane season here till Nov.


Thank you for the update. Hope your bees are OK, sure looks wet over there! :astonished: