Tropical Cyclone Debbie and terrible flooding in Eastern states

I’m just wondering how everyone is getting on over there with their bees with all this record-breaking rain and flooding from Ex-TC Debbie. Some shockingly high rainfall figures, including around team Flow Hive’s home ground and @JeffH’s in Buderim.

My thoughts are with everyone over there.:closed_umbrella:


Many thanks @Jaydub, I’m high & dry where I am. My bananas look a bit shabbier now. They all stayed standing because I haven’t cut the dead leaves off, they kind of hold it all together.

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it sure got a bit wet hey Jeff

Yes it sure did:) we only got 112mils out of the cyclone, they certainly copped it in the southern hinterland.

I have family near Kyogle, they had about the same at you JeffH, maybe a bit more. They’ve been commenting a lot about the high humidity leading up to that event, and now with all the water around I guess that’s not going to change anytime soon. There’s mould growing on everything and it’s hard to dry things off . How on earth would the bees be coping, trying to dry honey in these conditions?

We had 640mm of rain in 1.5 days and terrible wind and rain gusts. We strapped extra roofing tin onto the hives together with the hive stands. Bees are fine, they went out foraging as soon as the rain turned into drizzle. Bringing in a lot of pollen.
Many towns and areas are still flooded today. The extent was not foreseeable, so beeks in low lying areas probably lost hives. You can’t quite take a hive like your other pets when you have to evacuate. Many people don’t know yet what they will find once they are able to go home.
I heard from one person whose hive got swept away. :cry:

My hive ended up like this nearly to the end of the first half of Debbie, before the eye. This photo was taken the next morning before coaxing the wife into my bee suit and helping out. They were calm and happy for me to put them back together. Here’s to hoping they dry out and stay.


Jeff we got more than 200mm here at caboolture,

I am working near greenbank and we got 300mm there, was back at work on monday morning on my D9 bulldozer clearing the mud and trees up.

ps its Brett here if u didnt work it out lol

Thank You Brett:) I guessed it on another post. Great to hear from you… cheers

PS I’m just taking a little look in here before I head down to the bees.

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