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I bought Chalkbrood


Hi guys I live in the Canberra region. I bought a nuc 4 weeks ago. I noticed that the activity was becoming less and less so I inspected the hive. I found the bottom tray absolutely full of dead calcified larvae. I am pretty devastated, and at a real loss as to what I should do. Do I replace my whole hive with a new colony or just re queen?


Hi Tori, if you only bought this Nuc 4 weeks ago then I would suggest taking some photos of the chalkbrood and ringing the supplier, any bee supplier looking to keep their reputation will exchange your bees immediately. They will at the very least need to be re-queen but with a loss in colony strength as you describe they may take a long time to recover and chances are they may fail completely.


Hi Rodderick thanks for your response. I did exactly as you said. I took photos and sent them to the supplier last Friday. He messaged me today and said he may come out tomorrow and re queen my hive.