I dont what's happening!

I dont know what’s going. Its -15 Celsius outside and the bees are just flying out and dying. They seem very stressed and are anxious to get out. I put a small mash screen to prevent them from flying out and they are even forcing themselves through that. Is it a cleansing flight or Dysentery or something else? There doesn’t to be much poop on the snow either. Can anyone help me.

Oh dear, sounds so odd…could there be a pest inside the hive that they’re trying to get away from?
It’s too cold to open up but if you have a spare box and any drawn comb you could maybe try setting it out nearby, maybe they’ll go in there? Once more are in there you could look inside the original hive to see what’s going on…lots to figure out from there, so please let us know what you learn!

I answered this on the other thread where you posted the same question. You only need to post a question on one thread - this forum doesn’t work like Facebook, the thread stays up all the time. :wink:

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