Bees carrying out white stuff?

Hello everyone! Quick question hopefully someone can answer. My bees are carrying out and dropping off on the front of the hive instead of flying it further(probably because it’s raining) some white sort of stuff and also some larvae? There were a couple (3 or 4) dead bees on the front too. I’m not sure if how much of a drop in weather we have had affects this but we’ve been having anywhere from 80-90 degree days for the last almost week and now today dropped to 57 degrees and raining. Is this them just cleaning out the hive and some bees got wet, cold, and died? Is this a disease problem? Thanks in advance!

Hi there. They could be disposing the drone brood/larva. When was the last inspection? Do you have hive beetle in your area? It does sound like house cleaning to me but pictures would be good.

I hope these help! We have not inspected in a couple weeks now. And I believe we have them in our state but have not seen any so we also aren’t sure if we should do a treatment before winter or not.

Looks like pieces of pupae to me, probably that either got chilled and died or drone brood like Krystal said.

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