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I finished moving my hive now question


Hello all. I moved my hive. I let it set closed off for a couple of days. I opened it this morning putting some grass in the opening and trimmed tree branches with leaves to try and get the bees to reorient. How long do I leave the grass and branches in place? Will they reorient in one day? Thanks!



How are did you move the hive ? With the hive closure for several days n grass … I’d guess you’re going to have a fighting chance. Also guessing … :smile:. You’re going to find out FAST ! It’s a learning curse to see IF simething does or doesn’t. If not n it’s BAD … You have the option to move it back maybe. Live n learn … That’s why i really thought thru just where I would put each of my three hives very very careful. I didn’t want to do as you are doing … Good luck ! Gerald.


Thanks. The good news is (I think) that it is a cool morning here in Texas. So when I opened the entrance the bees were still pretty lazy. That might help them acclimate slowly as the day warms up. The other good news is I take delivery of 2 new hives at the end of the week. So If I totally messed up I have a plan B!!


Im not even sure what the grass is for. I just did it cause I was told to!!


The idea is that you stuff the entrance shut with the grass. The bees realise something is different and they chew the grass away and reorient.


Well I put grass in the opening (not totally closed off) and branches in the front. They seem to be fine. Good news is they are not going back to the old location. It has been a hoot to watch them today. I can tell they are slowly getting their sea legs venturing further and further away. There are fewer bees bringing pollen. Probably because they are using their energy to figure out where they are. So. I think the move worked out just fine. Sure glad for that!! Thanks Dee