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We moved with our bees, and it went great!

So we just moved out of the city and into the country. I had to move the bees this morning and was very nervous, scared, and not sure what I was doing. In the end, the worrying and fretting was for nothing! Moving the bees was a lot easier than i thought. It helped that i still had the appliance dolly/cart to put the hive on and lift into the truck. I let them out this morning and watched the new orientation flights, so amazing! Tonight i looked and they are busyier than ever. At the old house (due to by-laws/setbacks) they were in the shade most of the day. Now they have full sun on 2.4 acres. The amount of pollen coming in tonight was phenomenal and they most be bring in a lot of nectar as i see lots of new nectar on the ends of the flow frames, which wasn’t there this morning, its very noticeable.
All in all, i am so happy to finally have moved, and that this seems to be a great move for the bees as well!


Sounds like you are going to need an extra super very soon. Congrats on the move you lucky devil.


Well i don’t think that i’ll be able to add another super, we are supposed to be at the end of our flow here in colorado.But they seems to be doing very well after the move which just makes super excited for next year. I ordered another hive as well as I only have the 1 right now.