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I found larvae in the honey


I harvested a frame and honey looks good, but I did find a few larvae in the honey.
Can someone tell me if this is bee larvae or SHB and wax moth?
I have a queen excluder, if it is bee larvae could a have a laying worker situation?
Thanks for any info
Here are some pics


Definitely not bee lavae, doesn’t look like wax moth either. So at a guess shb. Mm mm protein with the carbs. :wink:


I agree with @skeggley, likely SHB larvae. You can filter them out if you wish. If you search the forum, you will find that you are not the only one, and I believe that Cedar wrote some advice somewhere on what to do about it.

Edit - Found the post I was thinking of:


I wonder if a coarse stainless steel filter could be implemented in the tube to catch shb larva before they get into the honey jar? Although it wouldn’t be very appetizing seeing all the honey pass over the captured larva at the filter area.


Someone on local Beekeeping page bought this as ‘pure organic honey’… what’s a few shb larvae …& legs…and …