Larvae in my honey


I have some (SHB?) larvae in my honey. Has anyone else encountered this? I have oil in my bottom tray that gets some small hive beetles from time to time, and larvae, but not many. Any ideas on how to avoid this?

I get this in one of my hives as well sometimes. I’m keen to find out what it is and how to deal with it as well.

I use a bucket with clear tubes to extract honey- and I put a double strainer on the bucket- this strains out anything in the honey as I harvest it- making it ready to jar immediately. Also you might consider cleaning out the tubes at the bottom of the frames with a bottle brush dipped into a bucket of water a day before you harvest your frames (I do it a day before so it dries out- I leave a piece of paper towel instead of the plug overnight so it can air out).


Great tips Semaphore. Thank you.

Thanks Semaphore, I’ll try straining.

It looks like a wax moth larvae but I could be wrong. It’s always best to inspect the frames before harvest. That way you’ll see the % of capped cells as well as anything like SHB larvae. Besides that, your nose will tell you if there is any SHB activity. You probably should do an inspection, just to be sure.


Thanks, I’ll do that. Appreciate your advice.