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I have 14 flow hives, all leaking too much

Flow hive related bee keeping.

Hmm, wanted to create a topic, didn’t work.
Just wanted to say I have 14 flow supers in action and can’t extract any of them without major leaking.
Yes, they are at the correct angle, they are fully capped.
I now have to take the flow supers off to extract above a capping box.
If all that honey escaping into the box would hit the brood frames, I think once in a while it may even kill your queen.
I wish I knew what to do. I need to employ help to lift the flow super off.
The leaking issue is a big one.
I get 2kg from a flow frame and 1kg in the box leaking. Some are worse than others.

Hi @Webclan,

How old your frames are? Could it be a cable stretch requiring re-tightening?

These flow supers are purchased over the years, from the beginning every year up to flow hive 2.

We didn’t have much of a flow last year, and this year it’s crazy full on. I kept the flow supers on all year, as there was still some food in it for the bees.
But they have not been extracted for about a year or more.
But now they leak too much.
About. Half in my jar, the rest through the brood box, causing major bearding.
I need to take the flow supers off currently and extract above a cappings box. That way I can capture the leak, which comes up to as many kg as I extract via the tubes. Nearly.
Something is wrong here.

Looks like it is not uncommon problem. Check wire tension. Probably @Freebee2 may help.

That doesn’t sound good… could you please email info@honeyflow.com so we can troubleshoot this issue with you?