I have a new nuc but not sure when to transfer

So I got a new nuc yesterday. The person who sold it to me said it was full to the brim with bees but I should wait till tomorrow mid day to transfer to my hive. Well here we are midday it’s rained off and on, we are overcast with some wind. I tried to get into the nuc and the bees are insanely defensive. A few were working my veil pretty hard buzzing around loudly and anytime I took the top off to blow in smoke all the bees got incredibly loud. I lost my nerve a bit and walked away and a few bees followed me everywhere I went. I assume the overcast and windyness is aggravating them I am new and extremely nervous so that’s not helping. We have thunderstorms till Wednesday starting tonight. Can they still stay in the nuc until this weather passes or should I try to move today to get them into the permanent hive before these storms hit? Is it normal for them to get louder when I blow the smoke at them?

Yes, momentarily, then they will settle down. Make sure your smoke is nice and cool (and puff your hands and jacket).

It shouldn’t take you too long to transfer the frames over but do it when you have sunny, clear conditions.

Waiting a few days shouldn’t hurt but if the supplier thinks they are apt to swarm, they’re not going to do it in the rain anyway.

When you transfer the frames, look carefully for queen cells. Make sure you see your queen, especially if there are queen cells.

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Thanks! This helps. It’s getting worse and worse here by the minute as far as weather. I was really worried about swarming but I’m glad to know they wont during these storms.

:raised_hands: you got this. Them ladies will be much happier with more room when you’re able to transfer.

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Where in Texas are you? We were in Fort Worth for a while.

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I would do the transfer sooner rather than later. Get your smoker working well. Puff plenty of smoke in front of the entrance (not into it), then wait about 2 minutes before opening the top, then smoke them as you open it. Work from the rear of the hive, away from the entrance & keep your movements slow & gentle. Use smoke when placing the second & subsequent frames into your brood box, so as to avoid squashing bees between frames & under the frame lugs.

This might sound strange, however don’t breathe out over the bees. Exhale away from the bees where possible. The carbon dioxide we exhale triggers their defensive mechanism.

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I am in Kemp which is south of Dallas. :slight_smile:

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