Help to transferring bees from nucleus to flow hive

I’m new to raising bees and will receive a nucleus hive today.

I would be grateful for an expert assistance in transferring the bees to a flow hive.

Please let me know if you can assist me in Lesmurdie (Perth) around 1 pm to 1:30 pm today.

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If you don’t get help …I layed my Nuc on top of my new hive bodies for an hour ( it wasn’t hot that day) then opened the end plugs hole n let the bees adapt to the location. ( get their GPS location !

The next part went pretty smooth n quicker than I though. I set the cardboard Nuc to one side, opened my hive n removed one more frame than my five frame Nuc had. Then removed the Nuc lid slowly n carefully. ( the frames in the Nuc can be stuck/propolis in place so be ready n cautious)…

I took the first wall frame out of my Nuc n gently set it in the new hive. The idea is to set them in the new hive exactly the same direction n order as they are in the Nuc. After that is completed add the extra empty frame carefully. Then I went to both wall frames n gently push any frame gaps leaving what extra gap you have equal at the outside of your outer wall frame.

Not sure what feeder you have … I prefer a topfeeder box most but upside down jars of syrup placed on strips of wood raised off the top frames works great too. HAve a deep or medium super ready to surround the jars ( borrow one if you don’t have one. And old junket one will work okay. The replace your crown board/inner lid then roof.

Your done ! That behind you … Your done ! Wasn’t that fun n easier than you thought ! :wink::+1:

Congrats !

Good luck n happy beekeeping, You’re on your way ! Please do not add the flow-super until your brood box is about 80 to 85% full. Each region n season this is different. Just be watchful but patient.




Congratulations. hope it went smoothly. just let them settle in. I dont think you need to feed at the moment as there’s plenty around for them to forage on. Gums are flowering, bottlebrush, lavender, grevilia, geraldton wax, roses etc…

Have you set up a water source for them? i imagine its not an issue in Lesmurdie but if you have neighbours close that might be disgruntled by the bees choosing their back yard as their watering hole, its worth setting something up.

Good luck.

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Hiya @Bils, welcome to the forum. I’m transferring from a nuc today, as long as you run through the process in your head first it’s not too difficult. If you haven’t done it yet your’re welcome to come and watch as your’re just down the Scarp a bit. Otherwise I hope it went well or good luck.

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Hi. Keen to know how it all went. I too am a newbie and will be doing the same exercise in 4 weeks time when my Nuc arrives. Brood box built yesterday and painted today. Starting to get exciting!


Hi. Thank you all for the advice. A local expert came to help and mentor me. He was awesome. Bees have taken to their new home well and there was lots of activity this afternoon.


If anyone else is wondering I just did this and it’s very easy. The way I would do it is set the nuc where the hive will be. Leave it there for a few days while the bees get the orientation. Get your hive ready with extra frames and starter strips/foundation- whatever.

On the transfer day suit up and smoke the nuc a little and move it to one side. Place the hive where the nuc was. Open the nuc- place the lid upside down beside the hive- there will probably be some burr come connecting the frames at the top. Remove this with the hive tool. Then move all the frames over one at a time into the hive - bees and all. Take care obviously. For an eight frame hive leave room at either end for your new frames- 1 at one side two at the other. Once all five frames are in add the new frames- then gently push them up close to each other so the bit of extra space is on the two outer edges with the frames evenly spaced and tight in the middle.

Now pick up the nuc lid and shake whatever bees are on it into the hive in top of the frames. Do the same with the nuc box. Don’t hit them on the hive just give them a firm shake. Then if possible set up a ramp from the ground to the hive entrance so any bees in the ground can climb up it. Leave the box and lid on their sides in front of the hive so any remaining bees can fly to the hive.

That’s it! Put the inner cover on- cover the hole- put the roof on. Leave the bees alone for a few days.

Edit: this guide assumes you know how to use your smoker and hive tool- and how to handle frames.

That’s how I did it- I did it fast only briefly inspecting the frames. Whole process took just 10 minutes tops. I decided not to inspect the frames in detail at that time- just to move them smoothly and quickly and take a quick glance at each frame. My bees settled in perfectly and when I inspected 8 days later they had half built out the three new combs.


A few days and 10 minutes. :wink:
Exactly how I did it except I took the nuc box away as the bees kept clustering in it. Had a quick look at the brood pattern but didn’t look for the queen or eggs, that can wait until next inspection day in a couple of weeks after they have redecorated and are ready for guests… Added an entrance reducer too.
4 frame nucs are the norm over here in the West.

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Yup- I put in entrance reducer and also closed bottom screen with top slot so the bottom was enclosed ( Figured it would let them keep warm). Bees were clustering in my nuc box also- so I put it on its side and when I came back half an hour later they had all moved except for one recalcitrant bee. I placed her on the landing board and in she went. My five frame nuc was an overwintered one - absolutely jam packed with bees and brood. That was two weeks ago- I think I’ll add the flow super in about 8 days😊

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