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Illawara Beekeepers Field Day - NSW, Australia 28/10/18


Sunday 28 October, 10am-1pm
Illawara Beekeepers Field Day
Club House

Waratah Park

98 Eton Street

Sutherland NSW 2232

The Illawara Beekeepers will be holding a live swarm catching demonstration. With spring upon us and the bees getting active, it’s a great time to learn this technique. Flow Co-inventor, Stuart Anderson will be joining the field day, so come along for an informal and intimate event. A great chance to meet your local beekeepers and discuss joining the Club.

Visit event website here

Stuart Anderson, Flow Co-inventor


I’d be interested to find out how a bee club could have a swarm ready to catch, on site, on a given day, between certain hours, for demonstration purposes.


@JeffH I was also curious, so I asked… It wasn’t a real live swarm in the sense that it spontaneously came out of the hive on cue during the field day (that would be some well trained bees! :wink:) but it was a swarm that had been collected elsewhere the previous afternoon and ‘planted’ in the club’s bee yard for the purposes of demonstrating how to get a swarm into a box / hive.