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In the meantime, I'm riding my bike

Please don’t mind the mess… :slight_smile:
Pedal on, for miles, pedal on [the acoustic motorbike - Luka Bloom]

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I like your tables that hold the jars. On a totally random wave length, if you have a tight lid on the honey jars would that create vacuum and cause honey to flow even slower??

Only if you allow an airlock (Flow tube is full to the top with honey) in the top of the tube by the Flow frame. Otherwise the air just back flows into the hive. :wink:


You can (barely) see the honey falling in the pot on the left in a very fine line, the tube is almost completely “free” for the air flowing back into the gutter.
That said I had some spilling from these frames that were completely full, it never occured to me that I could create issues in flowing; I replaced the glas lids with the wooden ones to keep the bees away from any scent :stuck_out_tongue: so maybe I have to try the experiment of making some kind of a vent in the lids. The pots were only half full, they can hold about 3L so something went wrong (they were 80% sealed), so now there is more honey than air flowing back in the hive :confused: I did open them in sections (about 4 times, with 10 minutes in between), and they had been dripping for 3 hours.

The tables are my old wooden broodboxes, I replaced my hives with Combi styropor - much lighter in weight and easy to manipulate for the flow system. There is a size difference of European Langstroth and the other (US?) Langstroth, and these fit the larger US types (and thus the Flows) by default. I just needed to add a small slab to create the correct beespace for the European frames (as you can see I mix and mingle)