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Indoor Wintering


Just curious if anyone else has wintered bees semi indoors?

I have 3 small colonies, only 10 frames each; so to give them a better chance this winter I moved them into the back of my workshop. Each one has a plastic tube to the outdoors, and have screened ventilation on top to the indoors. The shop is generally kept a couple of degrees above freezing all winter, versus the extended -30C we have outdoors in my area.


Interesting looking hive :slight_smile:


Hey Simon,
That’s pretty much the way Slovenian beeks operate year round. Their AZ hives are specifically designed for rear access to inspect and harvest from inside the “bee house”, but otherwise your idea will work the same. Make it easier for your bees to orient to their tube by putting different patterns or pictures around each hole. The Slovenians have some elaborate artwork for theirs.
Check this out. https://youtu.be/giV3ywqCCRA



Awesome. If I would still live in Bavaria, I sure would be exploring this way.
It requires a good knowledge and feel for your colonies needs, but I reckon, the bees are better in a shed than exposed to occasional below -30C out there.
As long as they don’t get too warm in the shed.