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Installed Flow Frames Today. Wow!


Some of you may remember that yesterday I posted, seeking advice as to whether to add flow frames or a medium super to my two month old hive. I also sought advice from my local mentor on what the flow would look like in the coming weeks.

Since I knew I would not have time to assemble and oil a new box before we leave on vacation, I didn’t really have to confidence to play Robin Hood by myself, and my mentor assured me that, barring something unusual, the flow should be strong for quite a while, I made the gut decision to add the Flow Frames to my strong hive, knowing that I can always add a medium super when I return from vacation. It would also make the family left behind feel more comfortable knowing that they wouldn’t have to worry about the bees while I am away.

I decided to “entice” the ladies by rubbing some relatively new burr comb (sticky with nectar still) on the frames before installing.

It was quite an easy install. Simply removed the roof and inner cover, added the queen excluder and flow super, replaced inner cover and roof! A snap!

By the time I had the roof in place and removed the front and side viewing panes, there were bees already in there poking around! Ten minutes later, dozens! They could be coming in the top entrance, or making their way up through the QE, but either way, they are exploring…

This is what I saw through the rear window just minutes after setting the flow frames in place!

And another from the side:

The white stuff is the slightly sticky wax I tried to rub on the frames. Seems to be doing its job.

Anyway, it is too early to tell, but so far neither the QE nor the plastic frames seemed to deter exploration.



I couldn’t resist. 45 minutes later:

I’m irrationally excited about this. Maybe it’s that for 2 months the only time I could really see what was going on in there was when I inspected (and admittedly, I inspected A LOT :-). No I can peek any time I want!

There is just something so cool about how much these hives have progressed in such a short amount of time, even the “weaker” of the two.

I learn something new every day!



Looks great, looks just like mine did about eight weeks ago now:-) You did great


Admittedly, I am obsessing a bit. Approx. 2 hours:

I just love those little bee butts poking out of the cells…

Promise…no more pictures until, say 7:30 am Mountain Time. :slight_smile:



when I first got my bees I would sit by the hives for hours and just watch - it’s fascinating and exciting


I still spend too much time sitting, looking and learning on my seat at the hives.
In fact i went out the other day and I’d been beaten to it…
Either they were wondering what the fuss was about or just keeping my spot warm.



Chickies! Mine haven’t discovered the hives yet…and that’s probably a good thing. The exposed field the hives are in would make it easy pickins for hawks!



I only have a smaller 40 by 65’ wide backyard. But still have to watch for smaller Hawks. I think most of the Hawks have learned it’s not easy picking as I keep artillery handy !! We get a lot of noisy crows but they only try to steal chicken grain or an egg I just plucked from one of the double nests but not taken the house yet. They’re pretty smart but I can hear their lookout giving small warning messages… We have a lot birds as I have planted bird friendly bushes n trees on our small plot of land. Gerald

My lots is just shy of a 1/4 acre. I use all of it well with our humble 1,100 sq house n smaller double carport. As small as our place is it keeps me busy !! Great place for spending my retirement years.