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Installing 2 nucleus in different hives

Hi All,

I purchased 2 nucs and will be picking them up mid-May. My question, do I set the nucs next to their new home and remove both screens let them settle in then put them in their hives.

Or remove one screen at a time?

For installing a nucleus, I just leave it next to the hive without opening the entrance for a couple of hours to let the bees calm down. Then I install it directly into the hive. No need to let them orient from the nucleus box first. :wink:

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Hi Dawn_SD,

So leave both nuc next to their hive for a bit and didn’t remove the screen and when I am ready, open one at a time and put them in their hives.

How much space and between hives should I leave?

Being a newbie, the first time I had my nuc, being a wannabe tough guy once I remove the screen they came pouring out and attacked me and stung me on my neck. And no I didn’t you smoke and didn’t have my bee suit on. I will never do that again.

Thanks again!


That is correct. Leave them shut in for an hour or two to settle from being shaken up in transport, then open the lid and transfer the frames into the hives.

As much or as little as you like. I like to have at least 3 or 4 feet between my hives to give me working space around the hive. However, some commercial beekeepers have the hives right next to each other, with the hive walls touching. Just do what is convenient and efficient for you.

Bees don’t respect tough guys. Better to be a smart wuss, rather than a tough guy, when you are around bees! :rofl:

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Got it, thank you again!! I have to say, everyone on this forum that I have been getting advice from has been extremely helpful. Thank you again.

Smart, working on it with everyone’s help :crazy_face:

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Noo stay a tough guy and give us more smiles :rofl::rofl:

Brilliant and honest :ok_hand: all part of the fun.

I’ve 6 stings on my shoulder from last Fridays inspection and through my heavy suit.

I’m a kilt wearing hairy Scotsman and the bees still make me feel like a wuss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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One more question for now :sweat_smile: After letting them settle in for an hour or two, should I install one nuc right after each other or should I wait a bit before opening the second one? Also will the bees mix in and go into each others hive? Ok sorry that is two question.

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I would install the second nuc right after the first one, however I’d do it a bit further away. Then you can slowly bring the 2 hives closer together, if that’s what you want. The bees wont normally intermix, however bees doing orientation flights can switch hives inadvertently.

Under certain circumstances, on rare occasions, bees from one hive can populate a neighboring hive, with quite a noticeable difference, if it’s allowed to continue for any length of time.

Hi JeffH,
My hives about 2 feet apart. Thanks for the advice! I will update once I put them in their new home.