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Insurance: Hive Loss


Let’s say the highly undesirable circumstance that the state entomologist has decided my hive need to be destroyed has occurred.

Total loss? Not covered by insurance?

What if I have one hive infected, but not my second? Both destroyed?

Thank you.


UK the insurance covers Loss due to NBU inspector wanting to destroy hives form AFB. I Assume state to state over there each has different rules - you would have to ask your local Bee clubs or ask the inspector unit in your state


Wow, insurance: something I have never considered. It could be worth speaking to our insurance provider to see if it can be included. People get pet insurance.


Yes indeed an interesting dilemma. With a complete Flow hive up and running in Oz you have an asset of over AU$1K each, so well worth considering, be it loss through disease or storm damage.

My guess would be that insurance coys would have different approaches, but all would say, “we’ll get back to you”, while they scurry through their facts, figures and policy guides.

It probably wouldn’t be part of household contents insurance similar to tools in your shed because its outside, so maybe similar to a garden shed and providing its located and secured appropriately could be covered. In my location it would need to meet cyclone specs! :confused:

The issue of disease and resulting requirement for destruction would be a complication not unlike farmers and commercial producers who have crop failures, or a chicken farm where they have to destroy their stock because of a disease outbreak.

I’d take a guess that destruction of the hive could be covered, but not necessarily the contents (bees and honey) even if it could be quantified…unless you were a commercial producer and had specific coverage against loss of business. :neutral_face:


I agree Rod, I don’t have a flow hive, my beekeeping equipment doesn’t owe me anything, so I’m not really worried about it. If I discover AFB, I just deal with it & carry on. SHB never bothers me unless I let my guard down. They just give me a bit more work to do.


UK - If you belong to a Bee association or I suppose you could do it direct, we are covered for 3 hives, if you want more you just pay a slightly higher amount, and I assume commercial guys have a different rate.

My hives are in the back yard so if my kit is knicked I could claim on household insurance.


While the loss of the livestock would be heartbreaking, I’d just be looking for covering the hive boxes themselves so I could repurchase and “carry on”.


About the multi-hive question…
If the inspector determines the hive needs to be destroyed, what about the adjacent hive 2 feet away that does not show signs of compromise?


I am not meaning to dodge your question here, but our local bee inspector loves chatting with beekeepers before there is a problem. Why not find out who your local inspector is, and call them? They will know the local regs, and I am sure that they would be happy to talk with a responsible beekeeper who is trying to learn something.


Great suggestion @Dawn_SD. Thank you.
I’d still like to perform due diligence in getting educated by the membership here first so I can converse intelligently when that inspection meeting occurs.
Forewarned is forearmed?


Good point. Here is the web site, in case you decide to contact them:


I would say that although AFB is infectious (it is bacterial) I would not destroy an adjacent colony with no evidence of disease. I guess the inspector would just want to re-inspect on a regular basis, but that is up to him/her.


Excellent. Thank you.


This document from your state says that fumigation of the hive is an acceptable method of AFB control. That means that the wood does not have to be destroyed, so your insurance may not be needed. Having said that, I invest (I am a shareholder) in several insurance and risk management businesses, so by all means, support their bottom line if you would feel better! :smile:



Fumigate rather than discard/destroy!? Hallelujah.