Is a wax foundation required for Flow frames?

Hi. In the past I have melted wax and brushed it onto plastic frames. The was advised else the bees will not draw out their comb. Do I need to do anything for the Flow frames? I can see no mention of this in the manual that comes with the frame. Thanks

I was told that also, but did nothing but stick in the starter stick thing with a little wood glue at the top and look how well the girls responded…

One weeks work

Edit: I did put 0.4mm ss wire in.


Like @busso showed, the bees know what they’re doing, and they’ve been doing it like this for millions of years! Foundation will ensure straight comb, but it’s still unnecessary with proper management.

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He was asking about “plastic” - some beeks will brush with wax - personal preference really

Yes, typical of me barking up the wrong tree. I plead a seniors moment.
Yes the OP was asking about the actual Flow frames and personally I wouldn’t mess with the flow frames unless absolutely needed. Those retaining wires are not easily put back as I understand from posts here.

Has anyone waxed the flow frames?

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No need to wax the Flow frames, just make sure you have a good number of bees across all your frames so they are ready for a super on top. It may take them some time to get working on the Flow frames just be patient, Takes a while for the bees to accept the new frames. The following pic was after 4 weeks in the hive, the frames are mostly full of nectar and the bees are now removing the moisture content and capping the tops.

Thanks. Brood boxes plenty full so will get the new super with Flow’s on asap, Can’t wait!

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