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Is all Manuka honey thixotropic?


I noticed that most Manuka honey is packaged in non transparent containers. While browsing the honey isle at the supermarket the other day, I noticed some Capilano branded Manuka honey in transparent containers. It was just as runny as regular honey. That puzzled me because I assumed that all Manuka honey was jelly like until agitated.

I’m currently using my own leptospermum honey & I love how stiff it is in the jar. I love how I can work it with a spoon in the jar for a couple of seconds to the point where I can pour it off the spoon like normal honey.

It’s great with ginger syrup drizzled over chilled dragon fruit slices… Home grown, of course.


That’s a good question. Did you notice if it was 100% manuka, or a mixed honey with Manuka?


Hi Faroe, I’ve been thinking that it must be a blend. I guess as long as the honey measures up to the numbers on the label, that’s all that matters.

Next time I’m there I’ll read the label a bit more.