Is it time to FLOW!

The wife and I went out to check the hive. Deep box with shallow super. From the outside things looked very active. On the inside brood pattern etc looked good. Tons and tons of bees. We have only had a flow here for a few weeks but we did expect to see honey in the super. We assumed we could then add the flow frames. Well the super was fully build out with beautiful new comb but not a drop of honey. The question is this. Do we need to wait until the super is full of honey before we put on the flows? Thanks a bunch.

Well, not “fully” but 80% yes.

Thank you Michael. So excited and yet so impatient!! Assuming we have a good bloom here how long should I wait until I check the super again?

For you or for the bees? A peek now and again will help you get a feel for what the bees are doing. That doesn’t mean you have to go through every frame. For the bees, they would do better if you left them alone for three weeks…

Ha!! Thanks. If it were up to me I would be diggin that hive everyday!!