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Should I put my flow hive in between existing Hive and Super?


While waiting for the rest of my flow Hive (Only received Box so far) to come, I am wondering if I should put my Flow Hive in between my existing Hive and Super when ready.


I don’t know where you are, but if you’re down-under, I would. If you are in northern North America, I’d leave them alone until spring…


I am in Florida, USA, it is like Spring here. My bees are thriving, but they are just walking and checking out the flow hive frames and comb for about a month now and not doing anything yet. I think they are trying to figure what to do… Does it take a while for them to start doing something?


It’s pretty much spring here now… the red maples are blooming… Sometimes the bees take some time to make up their mind but if there is nectar and pollen they will be gathering it and raising brood. Take a look inside and see what they are up to. If the super is mostly full, I would add the Flow super.