Is it too late to add Flow Super? Central Otago, Wanaka, New Zealand

In Central Otago in NZ. I have a regular Langstroth hive with 2 FD brood boxes and 2 3/4 honey supers on which are 2/3 capped. We normally harvest in mid Feb. My Flow hive should be arriving in the next day or two.

Am I too late to add the Flow super? I’m concerned that we are too far through the season to get the ladies to draw out the Flow Frames.

What do you think?

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Hiya BeeKiwi, having Fframes drawn out the previous season will help the following just like conventional frames but if the bees have a choice they seem to prefer conventional frames so it would be best to remove the other supers when adding the Flow super I’d imagine. You may also lose honey production whilst they are drawing. Be sure to prep the frames before adding them. :wink:

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