Hello Mornington Peninsula bee keepers

I’m new to bee keeping and new to this forum. I’ve just put my bees into their new brood box last week and wondering if I’ll be adding the super, this late in the season? I bought a nuc of 5 frames and they are now in an 8 frame brood box. Also, for reference, I purchased the flow hybrid with 3 flow frames and 4 regular frames for honey comb. I’d welcome any advice you can offer.

HI Tamara,

You’ll want to make sure your colony is really well established in the brood box before adding the Flow super, with all frames built out and your brood box heaving with bees. Adding the super too early is a common mistake (I can totally understand why people would be impatient to get the super on though! But waiting is often a good idea).

Once your bees are ready you can gauge the current climate and nectar flow in your area to see if the external conditions are conducive to getting your super on.

I look forward to hearing the advice of other members of the forum as there are always differing approaches that can work and rarely is there one right answer when it comes to beekeeping!

All the best,