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Is this harvestable?

I’m located in Central Texas and this is my first year with the flow hive. Are these two frames ready to harvest? Attached are photos of both sides each. The other frames have much less and a mix of capped/uncapped whereas this looks relatively capped just not filled to capacity of the frame?

I’m planning on feeding them all winter in addition to leaving the remaining honey throughout aside from these two frames.

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You need to wait a bit longer for the photos to upload before you quit the message window…


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Let me try that again! Thanks, Dawn!

Attached are the photos.

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Awesome – thank you, I appreciate it!

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Be careful when harvesting off the hive though as the wax and honey would have significantly cooled which will cause the cell cappings to rupture and frame to leak in more unwanted spots (not to mention a much slower process).

If you do have to harvest off the hive for whatever reason, heating the frame up would certainly help such as by keeping it in the direct sun in a black rubbish bag for a couple of hours. A bit of a hassle so I strongly recommend harvesting on the hive if you can (note that this is how the frames were designed to be used) and open incrementally and slowly, as Dawn recommends.

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