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My very first Flowhive harvest, Cambridgeshire UK


A few links to my first harvest.


Great to see a UK harvest! :smile:


Nice! It is so satisfying to see Flow hives and their owners succeeding!


how did you know the honey was ready to harvest? I am only asking because the side window didnt show capped cells. And in the 2nd video, what we could see didnt seem to be capped as well. Usually if a frame is 90% capped then it is fine, so hopefully you opened the lid and looked at the frames?


In the first video at about the 1 minute mark Dave explains how full the frames were, that he could see between the gaps and the frames looked capped but he was also going to double check the next day when he was going to harvest.

I decided to wait until next year to put my flow hives on my hives. I did my hive checks today and all four hives have capped brood, eggs and they are building up their stores of honey for the winter. I’ve been “eating up” everyone’s videos and it looked like Dave did everything right…all be it I am a novice beek.


I have harvested my flow hive and have come to the conclusion that a large container is much easier than a host of small containers.


We got a large bucket with a honey gate tap. It’s perfect and tap makes dispensing after a piece of cake. Have seen a few disasters and near disasters as people go with little jars…


I also have one. Have been using it with standard hive with extractor.


From experience I can state that 1, Harvesting into open containers is a bad idea and 2, large containers are a good idea and 3, tubing, tubing, tubing.