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Is this my dead Queen


Hi everyone,
Due to landscaping works at my house I had to move my hives to a friends farm for autumn/winter. When I was able to bring them back at the beginning of spring I found out that one of my hives didn’t make it. I was able to put out a swarm trap and managed to catch a swarm a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it took a little while to source a new queen for the swarm and during this time the bees turned aggressive.

I re-queened this afternoon and it was an interesting experience. As soon as I opened the hive and started pulling frames, wave after wave of angry bees poured out of the hive with the intention of killing me. It was actually quite hard to inspect the frames for the queen, as the amount of flying angry bees in front of my suit were obstructing my view.

As it usually happens in these circumstances I didn’t find the queen until the last frame of the 2nd box. Also, as soon as I saw her I realised one of the thousands of bees attacking me had got into my suit and was crawling up my neck. Panic ensued. I grabbed a few bees around where the queen was and gave them a squeeze, as well as brushing the bee from my neck and headed inside to get the suit off and the bee out. Turns out there were four bees inside of my suit, luckily only one managed to sting me, which was on the top of my head and not near anything important.

I then went back out and managed to insert the new queen and her cage in the hive and put everything back together. I found what I hope is the dead queen on the ground, surrounded by a bunch of live bees.

So I’m jut after some reassurance. Do you think this is a dead queen? I hope it is, otherwise things are going to get nasty again. I’m also going to buy a new suit.


Hi Matt, that looks like the queen alright. Good job, well done. It’s hard to manage bees like that.


Well done. Horrid bees are no fun


I have a game theory about bees in my suit:

at first I was told to try and quickly squash them before they can sting me. I tried this twice and both times the result was that I instantly got stung when I failed to properly squash them. So I theorized I would be better off to ignore them and hope they don’t sting me… twice now I have had bees crawl up into my suit- over my face- and the other day a few crawling around under my shirt and into my armpits. I just went on with the inspections and tried to ignore them as best I could. To my happy surprise they never stung me and I was able to release them when I was done…

So my game theory now is to ignore such intruder bees and hope for the best.

Given how aggressive your bees were it may not have played out so well for you…


Hi Jack…I’m worried about your suit :thinking:


I have a proper full suit But I also have a very light cotton smok/top only veil. I use it for all minor inspections and occasionally I forget to tuck it into my belt. Bees are quick to get into any hole no matter how small :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: