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The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen


I had indeed lost or rolled my Flow Hive queen when I did a swarm prevention split :frowning:
I used the emergency queen cells the bees created do do yet another hive split in order to make the most of a bad situation.
In this video, you’ll see my new, FOURTH hive and my inspection for evidence of emerged queen bees.


Great Video Bob! Hives seem to be booming-I feel sure your flow frames will start filling fast soon.

Your title reminded me: when my mum was a little girl in School in the UK- the King of England died. A teacher came into her classroom and shouted “The King is Dead: Long live the King!”. The kids didn’t know how to react so all started crying!


Thanks @Semaphore, I’m hoping all will return to normal soon and that the 2 new hives can grow enough before the fall.


Torn down queen cell. This cell’s occupant lost the race to emergence.


Thank you for sharing, scares me to death that I may lose my queen one day unplanned. Your video and other posting and comments certainly help new beekeepers learn and move forward.


@Martydallas That’s awfully nice of you to say Marty. I don’t know any more than anyone else when it comes to bees. In fact, I’m comfortable with saying I don’t know diddly squat.

But I figure if I can document what I’m doing as well as owning up to my mistakes, somebody can gain something from it. I’m determined to be a beekeeper and not a bee haver, or worse yet, a bee killer.

I can see where killing a queen could be seen as a total disaster - especially for someone with only one hive and limited options but even then, under the right conditions the hive can make itself qeenright again. Having multiple hives (or expanding to create more) is definitely a positive step and a gamechanger.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty ahead as the queens still have to go out on their mating flights and return.


The kids were right. The teacher should have shouted, “The King is dead: Long live the Queen!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


QE thanks you @Dawn_SD.


hmm, I am not sure- perhaps the teacher should have shouted, “The King is dead… Time to Disband the Undemocratic hereditary Monarchy!”:scream:


Or maybe, “The King is dead: Long live Elvis!”


Loved the video, thanks for that. What jacket is that you wear? You’re about my size and I’d like to replace what I have. It looks comfortable and not constricting.


“Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses not some farcical aquatic ceremony!”


@HomeTownHoney Arthur, I got that from The Pigeon Mountain Trading Company.


I’m 6’3" (1.9 meters) and weigh 280 pounds (127kg).

My jacket is a XXXL so there’s a lot or room in there. I swear the jacket makes me look like I have a gut the size of Buddha’s but really, it’s smaller. :wink:


Excellent video - useful for discussion and instruction. What equipment did you use to make the video? Thx, R


Hi all,

That Quito… Is very familiar to me as well my grandma came here to join my grandpa who came earlier. Grandma engrained all the English ways, Quito n more into her family yet took on the citizenship n responsbities of America. So many sayings n quotes like “long live the Queen” rattle around up there in my gray matter/brain.


Thank you @msrebekahjane, I used a Nikon Coolpix L840 camera.


You do realise Camelot - King Aurthur was a fantasy


As a Brit, you should be ashamed for not recognizing that line @Valli.
And yes, I spelled that with a “Z” to emphasize my American-ness.


Bobby I’m Australian not British. I have lived in the UK for 30 years


No excuse for not knowing :wink: