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Is this sign of a queen?


i am a newbee and i cannot find the queen. she had a yellow dot on her head. i assume they might clean that off. i found larve but dont know if its drone or worker or if queen is in fact in hive and laying. any help is greatly appreciated


The capped cells are worker brood. The little white glistening C-shaped thing is an uncapped larva, which is a sign that somebody was laying eggs within the last 7 or 8 days:



so there is a queen present then? worker brood is a sign of a queen laying right? it is new comb and hive so my brood isnt dark like established comb.


The capped brood was definitely laid by a queen. The uncapped brood could be a queen or laying worker - you can’t tell by looking at it until it is capped.


thanks so much for your help. i have been worrying about this for over a week now. i am breathing easier now!


Did you see any eggs on the frames? They will be very small white specks at the bottom of the cells?


Actually both are laid by the queen. There is not enough time between the 2 for laying works to develop.


Don’t worry too much about seeing your queen all the time. I rarely go hunting for my queens- I just look to see if there is brood, larvae and eggs. Sometimes I can’t see the eggs- but as long as I see larvae I know the queen has been laying very recently and likely everything is going fine.


I agree hunting for the queen every time is disruptive. The one skill you really do have to master is spotting eggs. That is much more indicative of her presence. A small white led torch is a help