Worker or drone brood?

Hello all,

Quick, novice question: Could someone please look at the photos and tell me if there is any capped worker brood? (zoom in if necessary).

(I know capped drones bulge out more, but it’s still difficult to tell the difference.)

Background info:
Yesterday I noticed several drones being kicked out. They looked a bit small, so today I did a hive inspection. There is honey, pollen, and uncapped larva in the hive.

I just want to make sure I have a mated queen that is capable of laying worker eggs. I installed a new (supposedly mated) queen into the hive on April 26th, (5 weeks ago). I think my worker population has been climbing slightly? But I want to be 100% certain.

You can see my new queen in the darker photo. She’s marked with a pink dot. :crown:

Looks like mostly worker brood. There are a few drone brood cells near the edges.

I agree that it’s mostly worker brood. You need to familiarize yourself the difference between the two.

Thank you both. I wanted to be absolutely sure. I appreciate the help, and will work to familiarize myself with them more.