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Is this the last of Tapcomb?

Some good news today, it seems there might be some success with the knock-off peddlers.


That’s excellent news! It’s not easy to protect a successful invention like this internationally.

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great news indeed. they were shameless liars the CrapComb folks- and it seems they actually sold frames which they never delivered- according to comments on their now dead facebook page.

i actually engaged them in a little social media war myself- some months ago a Mr ‘Rod Fuge’ emailed me this:

"Since writing the post you refer to, we have been reliably informed that Flow’s patent application was rejected in the US. For us, it wouldn’t matter if it did, as our design is completely different. As we release more information you’ll see that our frames provide a framework for bees to create a honeycomb structure with their own beeswax. This results in a honeycomb structure of approx 70% beeswax - a first in a tappable hive system. It’s great you have a product you are happy with, but other bee hobbyists may prefer to have a much larger beeswax element in their frames.

Kind Regards,


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We can only hope that it puts an end to all the copy-cat garbage that are flooding the market.
Cheers Jack

Yippie! That’s why I supported flow hive and not their stolen technology and theft of the flow hive patent. Seriously, where inventors have their products made is important!

yes we can only hope- as there is practically no chance at all that it will. Unfortunately. TapComb will probably resurface ‘phoenixed’ into some new brand name. The manufacturer was said to be based in Hong Kong- which means China. I am sure they will be for sale on AliBaba.


these cheeky buggers show the actual production machinery:

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Our world leaders need to do something about China stealing every invention,movie,music,book etc… They hack, they cheat, they even built a crappy little island to claim they own the shipping lanes in that area. All we can do is avoid buying Chinese products which is hard to do with every store selling it. Lead paint in baby toys, the toxic dry wall they sold us after hurricane Katrina that had to be removed after houses were rebuilt and people moved in. They can keep their crappy T-shirts,socks and tools that last a month. Avoid their exported food, no telling whats in it. You get what you pay for. Buy local when ever possible. I needed to get that off my chest. Sorry for rant.


Oh they do too… the ordacity of it all…

eBay Australia still have copy’s for sale when I checked today, so much for copy right laws

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You are so right @Snapper, they show stock in Sydney from an inquiry I made to see if they are still flogging the garbage as of today…
Sorry @Rodderick but Flow Hives effort it seems has gained them nothing in the courts.:thinking:

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There’s an autoflow on the market out here and if you really want to see how horrible it us go on youtube and see the unpackaging of autoflow and other knock off technology. This is why having products made in China is not a good choice because here in the states they have stolen many many copy rights and patents.


That is so true Martha, the Chinese see a great product and buy a few then work out how they can copy the original at a cheaper price and flood the market world wide with a look-alike that cons the unsuspecting buyers thinking they are getting a bargain.
They don’t steal copy rights and patents, they simply don’t care about them or the investment in time and money to get the original product to be the best they can make it. With the Chinese in commerce morals and honesty simply don’t exist.
Post WW2 the Japanese were the expert copiers but they were nothing compared to China.

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They steal the plans from the production site. They take pictures and that’s it! They steal movies by recording them then burning them. America has a lot of law suits with China including Apple by the theft of patents and copy rights. It starts with trying to be frugal getting products from patent to production. The largest law suit from the states was the flat screen TV 27 years ago.

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They flood the USA market with very inexpensive not pure honey so that beekeepers here in the USA can’t compete with it. Hence part of the problem with the decline of bees here in the USA