#eBay flow frames

Hi guys an lady’s
Just thought I would tell people there is flow frames on sale on eBay
Now my problem is there coming from china . .? Are these fake flows or did some one there get a huge shipment before us.


Send the link to the Flow team so they can get onto it

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Not sure how to do that sorry not the best on this . Sorry but eBay under beekeeping

Found it Thanks…

Do u think there fake ? Flow
I have been busting to get my hive in December like every one I guess then these pop up for delivery now . Bothered by this

Those ones may not be, but there have been several attempts by the Chinese to buy these, probably for duplication purposes.

They only need one to copy it

I have let ebay know they may contact me back. I suggest people report them when they see them

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Who knows what type of plastic and materials they would have used if they are fake! Not worth the risk.

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But they are also breeching copy right if they are in manufacture - bees are big business in China

Thanks guys for alerting us to this. We have been looking into this and will keep you posted on what our approach will be.

Yes it was inevitable that it was going to happen eventually (if this is for real).

Over the last 10 years Cedar and Stu have been developing and refining this product and even when they thought they were getting close there were more changes and tweeks to make. We have used the best quality plastics and are making sure we use sustainable materials. The thickness of the plastic and the spaces between parts are critical to make sure the Flow™ hive will function correctly and continue to work for many years.

I can’t imagine they could have made anything to our exact specifications and I would be wary of the plastics used especially on something used for food.

Thank you again for alerting us and for your support.


We’ll Jake I put it up thinking these could be fake flows and wanted to let Cedar & Stu know . Didn’t think flows would be on eBay when the orders have not been filled yet. Mine December delivery .



This makes me sick, Stu and Cedar work for years to create a working flow design, bring it to market, and these guys want to make a buck off your hard work.
Obviously a nock off. And they’ve got the smog to use your photos!
Go get 'em

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Well I hope it wasn’t a waste of time but I just reported every listing I could find advertising flow hives from China.


Wow that was fast. Chinese notoriously don’t care about international copy right so I dont know if there is much that can be done. Hopefully you can shut them down.

Anyway…they are advertised at about the same price…so why would you buy from China when you can buy from the original Flow Hive team? If they were half price…?


Have done the same. Tedious but will see if ebay acts. My sympathies with the inventors. Ebay should not allow such blatant copyright violations especially for businesses just starting out. Louis Vuitton tried to do the same but Flowhive does not have the legal resources. Hope others report the same.

There are a large number now listed. All Chinese. I note that the seller in China has virtually NO TRACK RECORD. Anyone buying on Ebay from someone with no track record is asking for trouble.

not all…some are low priced

Low prices are auctions, vs buy it now?

Also turning up on Amazon :frowning:

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