Issues with new swarm and brood

I’m posting this for a friend.

The hive has been set up for around 3 weeks ago with a small swarm. They have been fed with a sugar and water mixture, also had a few problems with ants. Today on opening the have to check for brood and health, there appears to be some issues. I have attached a photo. My friend is new to beekeeping.

Any help would be much appreciated. In NSW, Australia.

What’s the issue you are concerned about? The dark cells?

From the photo this looks like pollen/bee bread from a particularly dark pollen source.

Looks to be plenty of eggs in nearby cells.

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yes the dark cells. My friend is worried that they are some sort of mite.

Looks like pollen/bee bread to me.

I’ve seen similar dark pollen before, trying to remember when. I have a feeling it was off scotch thistle or patterson’s curse. Others may be able to suggest a source based on what’s flowering in your area.

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plenty scots thistle around here. Hopefully that is all it is, we will just have to monitor a bit more regularly.

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Bee bread and eggs in some other cells. Looks OK to me. Let them get on with it.


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Yes I agree with @Rmcpb & @RBK. It looks good to me.

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