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Unknown black cell

We’re just starting to harvest our frames and we noticed these blackish things in the cell. We had kept these frames in the freezer for about a month as we waited for more frames to rob. We think it could be mold but want to double check that it isn’t something we should be concerned about. Cheers16114005592371711798621449795900|375x500

Hi Ben, hard to tell what it is from that photo but I’m possibly thinking it’s pollen which is completely harmless. Is this shot ‘post harvest’? If so was the honey capped?

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We found it after the spinning process in the extracted. The honey on that side of the frame was about 70% capped while the other side was 100%, hence why we extracted. We uncapped the honey except for that particular region which was uncapped. See if this image is a little clearer, I’ll put it in context with the whole frame. Thanks for your help 1611402886698301356916588504231|666x500


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I agree, it looks like pollen to me.


I’m still pretty sure it’s pollen especially now that I see it is in that arc just above the brood nest. Well done on your harvest!


Looks like bee bread to me.