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It seems to have been a bad winter for bees in the USA

…This past winter’s steep drop seems heavily connected to the mites, vanEngelsdorp said. Beekeepers report that chemicals that kill mites don’t seem to be working quite as well and mite infestation is worsening, he said. Those mites feed on the bees’ fats and that’s where the insects store protein and center their immune response…

Nature being what it is it could be that the mites are becoming immune to the usual chemical treatments, I’m sure I have read that theory on a couple of sites on the WWW. I would shudder if Monsanto got in on the act and came up with a treatment.:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::worried:

Get ready to shudder Peter, already happening.


Thanks for the link @skeggley I remember when the CSIRO and the Federal Government imported and released the cane toads that they would only eat the sugar cane beetle and when the beetle was eradicated the cane toads would die out starving to death — yeah right!!

Interesting read. Thanks.

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