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Its a mild winter here so far


Just had a peek in the hives for the first time in ages. Lots of brood, even drone brood, capped honey, nectar and pollen. So far we have only had one really cold week in May with winter being mild. Cherries have flowered, jonquils have come up and budded, drone brood, its all out of wack! It was so mild that only one hive got feisty, the rest could not have cared less.

Strange weather here in the Blue Mountains…



My local mentor (yes, I still have one!) says that 6 weeks after he sees the first winter drone brood is the time that early swarms happen. For us, the first drone brood was the second half of December. Swarms began in late January to early February. :wink: For you, watch out in August! :sunglasses:


My hives still have drones too Rob- the bees are out every day and bringing in loads of different colored pollen. It’s been cold at night but many sunny days and the bees are out all day. Even the European wasps are still out and about. @Dawn_SD I don’t know about Rob but in my hives I wouldn’t say these are the first of the winter drones- they are still the last of the summer drones- so far there has been no drone-less period.


Definitely milder than usual in Tasmania, spring bulbs emerging, but became cold yesterday afternoon, and it must have nearly snowed at sea level last evening. Really bitter with a strong winds. It should be heading up your way @Rmcpb by now. Yes Jack, wasps still about for sure and pretty dry in parts of Tasmania too. I’m watering plants.


Yep, wasps are still around and getting caught in the traps. We have only had one hard frost so far which worries me that when it gets cold the wee beasties will be caught out.



Wasps here in the uk seem completely immune to frosts. They die of starvation not cold. I’ve seen wasps out and about on ivy in December!


It is indeed out of whack! My mango tree started flowering 3 months early, thinking it was spring. LOL

Spoke to my mentor about the hives being full of honey and running out of space for storage, he told me to harvest at least 5 frames from the top deck. Did that and they filling it up again

Loads of flowering around my surrounding area. It looks like the red gums are preparing to flower again. Strange times indeed!


I’m in Melbourne and still have a heap of drones, very busy days foraging and they are acting like it’s spring. It’s going to be a bit colder for the next week, maybe that will make them cue up to winter? Saying that my blueberry plants look to be budding…:smile: