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Jaguar Landrovers Bees Knees

1,000,000 honey be initiative with the introduction of Flow Hive.


Very cool!

Which one are you Dean?

Yeah good one Free, spot the beekeeper


The handsome one with the Flow vail FreeBee :rofl::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thought as much! But you might have got other people beekeeping! Thanks for the photo Dean :slight_smile:

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Hey Dean,

I’ve shared this photo with the team here, thanks so much for sharing it - from Leah especially, she was so happy to see this photo :slight_smile:

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That’s a pretty big hive Dean! How many brood boxes are you stacking on top of each other?


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Lol that would be some hive eh. The project across our UK sites has 4 Apiarys so far with another two joining.

3 hives on each site will get us to our initial target.

The BBKA are visiting on 16/03 pre launch and hopefully will have an article in one of the early season members magazine.

I’ll post updates and pics throughout the spring/summer

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Wait till you see the pics of the nursery infants in their bee costumes so sweet.

We had our first workshop with them last week introducing them to the Flow Hive, educating them on what honey bees do and why they are so important, different types of bees in the hive, setting them design projects to decorate the outside of the hive and they have raised £80 towards the landscaping of the Apiary site.

They will be planting wild flowers and raised beds before the first colony arrives.

Tell everyone at Flow thanks for the support. Remember the invitation to visit is open ended and the children would love to meet yous when your in the UK.

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I hope to be able to take you up on that Dean!
Thanks so much for the invitation and looking forward to seeing photos of the next generation of apiarists :slight_smile: