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Jaguar Landrover/Flow Hive

Jaguar Landrover Solihulls first ever bee hive (dry fit).

Couple of minor issues but all in hand.

Project target 16 hives across UK sites, 1,000,000 honey bees, 8,000,000 wildflowers (meadows).

Then hopefully a global uptake across all our additional sites.

Thank you Flow for the support our Global Director visited yesterday and is buying his own family Flow Hive.

3 more hopefully to add to the project within the next month.

Onsite Nursery children are going to decorate in the New Year so I’ll post some updates as the adventure takes shape.



Fantastic! What an achievement. You truly are an inspiration. I am so happy that Jaguar/Landrover are being supportive, it is a great public relations opportunity for them. Also wonderful that the Global Director is buying a Flow hive too. Makes a comment that Flow is globally accessible, just like Jaguar/Landrover.

Very well done! :blush: :hugs:

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Looks great! Are the kids choosing the colours?

Sounds interesting. So what is the connection between the car maker and the hives?

JLR looks at offsetting its carbon foot print in as many ways as possible. We have a considerable sized beekeepers forum with members from all over our sites.

This is one small project that is now gathering momentum with a never ending potential.

We already have honey bees at our Fen End plant but I’m not aware of any car manufacturer in the UK at least with FlowHives.

Our staffs children who attend the onsite Nursery at Solihull will play a huge part of the promoting, educating and fun part of beekeeping.

Plus I get to Manage it all :wink::+1:

Hi Free,

I’ve taken inspiration from Ceders yellow hive with the hexagon’s.

Each child will be given a hexagon (section of comb) and can design anything they like, name, insect, flower etc…

Were then going to have the designs made into transfers and let the kids attach them to the hive.

A promise book is also being put together so every and any child, parent staff members, site guest and customers make 1 environmental promise towards offsetting thier own carbon foot print and how they will help the survival of the honey bee.

We have a global competition called TIC (team improvement circle) and entering this project as we think it will and already has received amazing feedback.


Very encouraging to read that Happyhibee.

I hope he has time to follow a proper beekeeping course before he installs it.

The honey bee’s survival is not in question. Other bees, maybe…


I agree with your comment “the honey bee’s survival is not in question”. It’s amazing how many people think that them getting into bees is helping the survival of the bees. One thing they do help with, and that’s with pollination in their neighborhood. So that’s always good.

I love this! What a great initiative.