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Just dropping to check things out


Hi, I’m in the Melbourne suburbs, Just a newbie poking around to find out a bit more about my new pets and their cool digs. A big shout out to Bens Bees…he’s been a great mentor.


Could only see a glimpse of your hive stand but it looks like a work art in itself … :astonished:


You don’t live far from one of my Sister’s who lives in Coburg.

Hope you guys are enjoying the heatwave I hear you are having - keep your Buzzby;'s cool and a very shallow water source nearby


I think this guy is down your way as well…


Thanks for the link but i’ll stick with the big guy, we are on the same wave length.



Thanks, the hive stand is made from red cedar. I love working with it. I am also building a couple thick walled winter brood boxes to keep the ladies warm. The more insulation the less energy they have to expend. Here’s a better picture of the stand.


Oh my goodness, I might just faint at the sight of that beautiful wood! WOW! Thank you for the photo.




Looks like someone is preparing for hive no.2 … :grin:


Nah just wanted a space to put the super while i’m in the brood. :slight_smile:


He just doesn’t know it yet LOL - watch this space I give it 6 month there will be 3