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Show a pic of your setup


Here is mine. Bees arrive next weekend.

Down loading pictures
Stands - what are people using?


That bee yard looks awesome. Nice job n plenty of space should you need to expand. Wish you a great bee arrival day n enjoy the experience !! Thanks for sharing …


A Little Nervous, A Little Excited and A little Hungry

Wow! That used to be an elefant’s pen, right? :smiley:
Can you show a closeup of your hive stands? I need to build some and input is always appreciated.


That is a very neat setup. Maybe I had better lift my act…



Here is my set up. I have their sugar water feeders under the medium box for now. Home made entrance reducers. The bees are on my blueberries, strawberries and early raspberries but they are really loving the trees in the area. All of my neighbors are supportive of my hives and most have planted flowers for the bees in their gardens.


They are the “ultimate hive stand”. They are nice but more expensive than they should be. Also wish they were a bit shorter as I will be 3 deeps high once the flows go on.



Thanks for posting this info Joe.

Did you buy the frame racks for the sides of the hive stands? Keen to hear your feedback once you’ve used them for a season.


Here is my set up. Originally just had some concrete bricks. Started to get some ants. Then someone suggested I use cinnamon. So I put a plywood base under the hive and put a ring of cinnamon around the rim.


Just did it this morning. I’ll let you know, as soon as I can tell…


I tried cinnamon but it didn’t stop the ants. I am thinking about putting something sticky on the underside of my hive stand to keep the ants from getting to the hive. Congrats on getting your hive all set up, it looks great.



Yes they came with racks for the frames. I don’t have them on yet.



take old plastic coffee cans fill with oil and make or place stand legs in each can. Ants won’t swim in the oil.


Hives waiting to move to the orchard

Front view

Back view
Long hive, top bar , two langstroths


@BigB, is your long hive based on Langstroth? if so, how many frames in your setup?

Do you have panels inside the lid to cover the top of frames?


It holds 22 deep langstroth frames. I have two 10 frame inner covers side by side between the hive body and the lid


Ha ha. Joke is on me. I put the cinnamon down on a windy day. It lasted about two hours until the wind picked up. All gone now…I think I better try to coffee can trick with the oil. I just need to get my hubby to figure out how to make some legs for the hive so it can stand.

Oh, and then the neighbor above us decided to begin spraying his overgrown weeds with Round-Up! When we asked him to stop, he said, “But it’s just Round-Up!” And again- it’s a really windy day!. Time for some education!
My poor bees!


I converted to a flow hive from traditional yesterday. It was a pin and we got four gallons of honey out of two supers but a lot of trouble and hopefully easier next time with the flow hive.


Since this pic, a second deep was added to the 10-frame. The Flow Super is actually empty. It’s holding a jar feeder inside.


No fancy hive stands (though if I had known…), just a couple of concrete blocks set on some leveling sand. Lots of space for the girls, plus there is a creek that runs year-long just at the tree line. Picture is taken facing east.


One of my agisted hives tucked away in a backyard in Canberra