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Killing wax moth caterpillars with bacteria

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been noticing a small moth roosting under the corflute. Silver beige, about 1cm and I suspect it is the Lesser Wax Moth.

No sign of damage or infestation inside the hive. Yet.

I was wondering whether I can use the bacteria spray I use for caterpillars on my veggies.

This is a bacterium that only kills caterpillars of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and is safe for bees according to the label.

This is the one I use on my organic veggies.

Hiya zzzzzzz, Yes Dipel works well in the garden controlling caterpillars on and in your veggie patch.
Unfortunately the Dipel strain, Kurstaki, is not the strain required for wax moth larvae, Aizawai is the strain you want but I have been unable to find it here in Australia.
XanTariBT is the Aizawai strain and is sold on Amazon and used in the US I believe, not sure is is available here.
These pesticides do have a shelf life so beware.


Might be a headache to get it through quarantine.

Finger squishing it is then, if I see any grubs.

Why is it not available from beekeeping outfits?

Probably the same reason slatted racks aren’t available I’d imagine. :grin:
I stopped using Dipel and now have the predators like Cotesia glomerate en masse. Oh yeah one less job in the garden… errr yard.

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I don’t use it often, it is expensive and I’m stingy.

Usually the maggies and butcherbirds take care of them, but sometimes I do get industrial scale infestations of cabbage white caterpillars.

I made a slatted rack a couple of years ago. I abandoned the project when my hive got poisoned. I still need to finish off, thanks for reminding me.

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