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Larva Box questions


I have now set up my flow box. In mine I have three frames. what do i use for a larfa box for it to sit on? i’m as new as they come to bees


@Michal_Willfong did you buy a Full Flow Hive or just the Flow Box and Frames?

If you bought a Full Flow Have, the plain box is your brood box for the Queen to lay larvae in.


You neen a brood box to grow your bees in.
Have you bought a nuc or a box of Bees?
Go to the bee basics area and have a good read.


It sounds like you only ordered the Flow frames and super not the whole hive. So you will need to get 1 or 2 deep boxes each with 8 deep frames, plus 4 additional frames for the flow super. So either 12 or 20 standard langstroth deep frames. And depending on your method you may also need foundation. You will need a base/floor, and a lid. You will probably want an entrance reducer as well to help protect the bees from robbing while they build up their population in the hive.

Best thing you can do is start doing a ton of reading, so you have a foundation to ask question from, and to join a local club or seek out a local beekeeper who is willing to mentor you. This will all make more sense if you have a little more information under your belt.


Hi Michal, like @Valli has mentioned every bee colony needs at least two hive boxes. Your lower deep or medium boxes. I have chosen to only use deep brood chamber/hive boxes to have room for a large work force of bees.

Here’s a pix I took just couple days ago of a friends of mines hive. He had a double box setup to hold honey (60 to 80 lbs) for wintering over his colony of bees here in Western Washington. So you will need one 8 frame brood hive box below your upper super or Flow-frame super.


Here’s one of my setups ready for a new Spring Nuc of frames n bees 2016 about mid April. It has the lower brood box, a lower honey super (for honey stores for next winter 2016 n an addition medium upper super (depending on your location n climate) your Flow-hive box/super would be placed where this third from the bottom super is on mine. The additional box seen under the top lid is my top feeder. Hope this comments help. If you did not order the full setup. You’ll need to reorder one, Bulld your own 8 frame boord box or order from a local beekeeping supplier quickly.

Good luck bro,



Hi again Michal,

I’d advise you to get at least one good beekeeping book n bone up on the basic n more. If you have a local beekeeping club n classes that’s a great resource as well n even more if you can find a fellow mentor or beekeeper fairly close get your heads together n let him or her guide you. It’s sure saves flustrations n problems. Don’t want you getting discouraged from the get-go !

Happy beekeeping bro,

P.S. “Beekeeping for Dummies or several other great volumes are always helpful. " The Backyard Beekeeper” I am reading thru at present seems good too. There are many great videos in You-tube as well.


If you reside in the north like Saskatchewan for instance, I would do 3 deep 8 frame boxes for brood and above that put your honey supers.


Just curious Michal … Where on this Big Blue Ball do you live. It helps others to give you more specific advice !


Im in saskatchewan canada.


Thanks everyone for all the help. I have been conected with a local supplyer and clubs.


Your diffinately on the right track.